Why join HEARsearch?

Hearing loss affects 1 in 6 people worldwide.  Today, we don't have enough research participants to conduct high impact research and we need your help.  Anyone can participate - we welcome all ages and hearing abilities.

Make a difference

Your contribution will change the lives of people with hearing difficulties. 

Contribute from anywhere

Take part in research wherever you are via your computer or our smartphone app.  

Be in the know

Find out about new developments in hearing research, services and technology. 

Here's what others are saying about HEARsearch

“I've always believed in putting something back into the community. I enjoy volunteering for NAL. I think the research NAL does is world-leading and very important for hearing-impaired people such as myself.”

- Richard, Sydney, Australia

“The commitment timewise is very minimal but I feel like I can contribute some real data to a rewarding study and it's satisfying being kept in the loop and being involved.”

- Caroline, Sydney, Australia

"Being a research volunteer gives me a great sense of fulfilment.  It's quick, it's easy and the support staff make it very simple. What keeps me coming back is just the thought that every time I contribute to research it's making the world a slightly better place."

- Michael, Gold Coast, Australia

Joining HEARsearch is simple

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Take 5 minutes to create a profile that will help us match you to research studies.

Help advance research

Participate in studies that will benefit people with hearing difficulties.

Take part in world-leading hearing research

Trusted experience

With 75 years of experience, NAL's team of world-class researchers lead the world in hearing research and evidence-based innovation.

Qualified professional support

Our qualified and experienced research staff are available to help and support you throughout the study.

Data privacy 

The privacy of your personal data is an absolute priority for us.  We will never share personal information with third parties.

No pressure, no commitment

You choose which studies you want to participate in and when.

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